The aim can be a hard thing to master, but there are many ways you can train your aim. One of them is with this aim trainer map.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what is aim trainer is and how it can help you improve your skills.

Aim Trainer is a training map in which the player has to shoot moving targets with their weapon of choice in order to score points and increase their rank. There are 3 different kinds of targets:  

  1. Bullseye – A simple target that moves up and down slowly,
  2. Tryhard – A fast-moving target that follows a straight path along the x-axis,
  3. Swagtrain – A moving target that follows any movement made by the player on the z-axis. 

Once you have shot all of the targets, you’ll earn your rank on the map which will be displayed at the top right of your screen. Your current rank is also shown by how much experience you have. The more experienced, the higher rank you are. Experience can be gained in 3 ways: hitting a target when it’s marked by a green crosshair, hitting a Bullseye, or shooting outside of the map when there are no targets present for 5 seconds after spawning (The default key to open up the buy menu and equip weapons is B ). Ranking up will unlock new skins to choose from and make it possible to use even higher-tiered weapons like shotguns, sniper, and rifles (more than later). You also get a small number of coins, which can then be used to purchase items from the shop.

The aim trainer map contains a lot more features, but in this article, we will focus on what is important for improving your aiming skills.

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So Why Should You Play Aim Trainer?

Why Should You Play Aim Trainer?

There are many benefits to playing Aim Trainer. It is one of the best ways to improve your aiming skills, not only by training your reaction time but also by learning about the spray patterns of each weapon. Every gun has a unique spray pattern that will take some getting used to before being able to master it. If you spend around 5 minutes with an online aim trainer every day, you’ll see huge improvements over just a few weeks. 

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How To Use It:

How to use Aim Trainer?

  1. Startup the map and select a weapon from the menu that appears when you hit B. Remember that you cannot use any weapons above tier 1 in rank 0. The default keys for changing between weapons are Q and E . If you’re new, I recommend using either SMGs or pistols since they have a very high fire rate meaning that it’s easier to land shots without delaying too much with each shot. You also get $100 starting funds so try out different combinations of weapons and see which ones work best for you.
  2. When the round starts a blue line will appear from your character in the direction you’re looking at with a slight delay. This is meant to represent when you’ve pulled out your weapon ready to shoot so don’t worry about it too much for now, just focus on getting used to how each gun reacts in order to get better at using them. Also, try not to hold down either mouse button because that’ll result in jerky movements which makes it harder for you to land shots – Instead just tap both buttons rather than holding them down constantly.
  3. Once you have landed a few shots on a target hit Q E in order to switch targets, aim for the Bullseye first since they provide the most points, Tryhards next since they are more accurate to land shots on, and Swagtrains last.
  4. When you have landed a few shots on each of the targets hit B to open up your buy menu. This is where you can spend your coins earned by ranking up or by hitting Bullseyes. Reloading faster, jumping higher, and firing faster are all good choices to make here because they’ll give you an advantage over other players in both Practice mode and Match mode which we’ll talk about later on.
  5. Hit R on your keyboard at any time during play to reset everything that has happened so far – This means that it restarts the round and resets your current rank back to 0. This can be used in order to practice an area where you are struggling the most with getting shots on target. If you haven’t got a keyboard plugged into your computer, there is a similar reset button available by pressing the H key when playing – This only reset gameplay however so any gameplay progress such as ranks or experience gained during that round won’t be changed.
  6. If at any time you feel like you’re ready for a challenge try going into Match mode instead of Practice mode. In Match mode every kill counts towards ranking up whereas in Practice mode it doesn’t count towards gaining experience which makes it more suitable for learning how each weapon fires without having to worry about performing as well as you can.
  7. Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself while playing! It’s a game after all so everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but the key is to learn from those mistakes and try to improve for next time rather than getting frustrated and quitting out of frustration.
  8. You’re now ready to play aim trainer! Tilt your sensitivity down slightly below 50 if needed in order to compensate for the initial curve that each gun has – This will enable you to become more consistent with landing shots which is very important at higher levels where compensating for recoil becomes even more important. If you are struggling with this then feel free to message me on Steam or YouTube privately for some advice.
  9. The main idea to keep in mind for this game is that you want to land shots at the head of each enemy rather than the body because it provides more points. Practicing landing shots on Bullseyes will help you improve your aim with each gun meaning you’ll begin ranking up faster which will provide even more coins for purchasing better weapons, attachments, and perks!
  10. If you follow these steps carefully step by step I guarantee that your aim will quickly improve 🙂 And if not, then just message me on Steam or YouTube privately – I’m always happy to help someone out.
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Remember that no matter what happens, have fun and enjoy yourself while playing aim trainer! It may seem complicated at first but keep practicing and you’ll get it down in no time, I promise!

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Good luck and see you on the leaderboards! 🙂 


Aim Trainer is a computer game that helps players develop their aim through basic everyday survival mechanics. There is no story mode but there are Practice and Match modes where players can rank up without having to win each round. Players earn coins for winning rounds and losing them which they use to purchase better weapons, attachments, and perks. Some of these items are only available by ranking up which means that players have unlimited potential in how well they perform within the practice mode – So all that matters is whether or not they improve their accuracy with each weapon.

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