Getting a fair complexion is everyone’s dream. Who doesn’t want to look fair? People have different skin types some are fair some are dark. But you can get any tone you want your skin to be. There are hundreds of methods produced till now to overcome this problem. But ladies you can flaunt in any complexion you want to just be confident.

Bleaching/ waxing

One of the oldest used methods for skin whitening is bleaching. Everyone has this layer of hair on their skin. You rather remove it by waxing or you just change the color by bleaching. Both processes work good depending on the skin you have. If you are irritated by the pulling of wax strips on your skin that might cause acne, later on, you can opt for bleaching the hair. There are famous bleaching products brands available in stores. There are two types of bleaching one that makes your facial hair light orange that sets with your skin tone and the other that makes the hair white.

Natural remedies

Tons of parlors can make you look fair by different methods. But you can stay at home and still get the best results. There are natural remedies to clear and make your skin tone even and better. Some of the best natural remedies are Multani mitti. It is easily available in the market. Or make a tomato paste and mix milk in and apply on your face. Even using honey can be of a great deal for skin whitening methods or use vitamin E capsules.

Getting a facial

Speaking of whitening skin, how can be facials left behind. Now a day’s hundred types of skin facials have been introduced. It has different steps that not only makes your skin white but also cleans it deep inside as it has many steps to follow. It removes the dead skin and clears it smoothly. Removes the dirt, that’s deep beneath your skin. There are gold facials, simple facials, herbal facial, skin whitening and brightening facial, facial for aging and many more.  Every parlor in your neighborhood provides these facials. You can even buy a facial kit from a market. It has all the instructions you need to follow. Buy a good brand of facial kit products. It doesn’t only have one product but each step has its own product and process of applying it on the face.


Last but not least, diet plays an important role in your skin whitening. When you eat good your body processes fluently thus making it easy for your skin to breath and glow. Drink plenty of water daily. It will keep you hydrated and your skin as well. Eat vegetables and drink milk. Have daily supplements that will help you get more fit and healthy. Do exercise as it can increase your blood flow. Blood flow is also somewhat related to good skin when your blood flows fluently and you are not blood deficient it makes the skin glow more and healthy.


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