The Android and iOS are the leading platforms when you talk about the mobile OS. But both operating systems are different due to their unique features and functionality. But the iOS phones are far more expensive than Android phones. So nowadays, to buy an Apple phone is not a cup of tea for a common man. Most of the people are Android users due to expensive price tags for iPhones. Moreover, iOS has plenty of limitation that makes it the second choice of most of the people.

But there are some apps and games of iOS that you can’t find on Android. Most of the Android user want to enjoy these apps but they can’t afford the iPhones. But the iOS emulators resolve this problem because you can enjoy as many iOS apps and games as you want on your Android phone using iOS emulators. Here we will talk about the best iOS emulators for Android to run the Apple apps on your Android device in no time. Let’s dig into it!

Top 3 iOS Emulator For Android In 2020

The following iOS emulators will create a complete iOS environment on your Android smartphone. But don’t forget to have a good anti-virus on your device while downloading this emulator.

iEMU Emulator

iEMU emulator is considered as a pretty decent emulator to run all your iOS games and apps on your phone. It came with less feature but now it is available with more features and functionality due to its utmost popularity. It requires 512MB of RAM in your smartphone to run this application. If your phone has less storage space, it may slow your device. It works best with 1GB of RAM. You can open any type of zip files without any hassle.

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Appetize IO:

Appetize Io is another great iOS emulator that allows you to enjoy your favorite iOS apps and games on your Android phone. It is the web-based emulator and you run this app on the browser of your phone. It is the very convenient way to run iOS apps on your Android device. It is available for free and it requires no other software to run this app. But make sure to have enough storage space to run this iOS emulator for Android in your device.


Next up is CIDER APK which is well known and most popular iOS emulator for Android device. It is the first choice for most of the Android users when it comes to run iOS apps on Android. It is completely free and you can enjoy any apps that are available on iOS using CIDER APK. Moreover, it has no additional membership plan to use this app.


The above-mentioned iOS emulators are best to run the iOS apps on your Android phone. Leave a comment and let us know which emulator you will choose to run iOS app or games on your Android device. Also, share your suggestion if we have missed any other iOS emulator.

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