There are numerous deer species found around the globe. From White Tail deer to Sambar deer, they can be super wild and super tame depending upon the exact bread or specie under consideration.  For most states and countries around the world it is illegal to keep deer as a pet. 

Only few or local species can be kept for conservatory, breeding or research purposes. Facilities provided special permits to keep deer are periodically checked and regulated for well-being and safety of deer. Certain standard of safety and nourishment are maintained for well-being or deer and our own. 

To answer the question whether deer can be pets you need answers to few more underlying questions which will be answered in this article.

Let’s Begin:

Can deer Cause harm to Humans?

Just like any other animal living and surviving in wild, deer can be dangerous. They can attack and cause harms no matter if they are provoked or not.  They get more and more hostile as they grow and become adults. Males are usually more aggressive than females, especially in mating season.   Female deer can be vicious for the safety of her young ones.  Clearly, answer to this question indicates that keep deer as a pet is not a good idea.

Can deer be kept in a confined space?

Much like many other gazing animals such as goats and lambs deer are prone to serious diseases when kept in a small or confined space. They need open far and wide lands where they can freely walk and run. 

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Deer are made to run wild, keeping them against their nature is super cruel. Once domesticated they cannot be set free in wild or rehabilitated as they have no idea how to feed and defend themselves against predators and harsh weather. They can infect other animals and humans if given to some zoo or other deer keeping facility, so one should think thoroughly before keeping deer as a pet.

Can Deer Be Pets?

Is it possible to domesticate Deer?

No matter if they are born in wild or some deer facility among domesticated ones, they are meant to be wild. Separating a young one from its natural habitat and loving herd is cruel. It is really difficult to domesticate them; they might adore humans because of the feed they get. So, if you want to implement best feeding program, you must go for gravity deer feeders as it is super easy to maintain.

Can Deer Be Pets?



You can make them tolerate your presence but you cannot change their wild habits. 

They like to run wild and jump a lot which cause difficulties in containing them and might even cause harm to humans around.

Answering above questions only indicate in one direction that it is not wise to keep deer as a house pet. It is not only too much of a risk but also unjust with such an adorable animal. 

Alternatively, you can attract herds of deer in your back yard by providing them supplemental feed through deer feeders and safe cover to rest and stay warm in harsh cold weather. Many types of deer feeders are available on the market.

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