Do you want to listen to old songs to overcome nostalgia for college days? Or want to refresh your mind by listening to the latest songs? Then no need to worry anymore. Because Spotify is an app that allows you to access unlimited latest and old songs with a single click, you will play the song and stream it for your Spotify followers and future listening.

So you want other people to listen to your Spotify playlists, for this, you need to increase your listeners. They can be increased by posting engaging content. Engaging content i.e. which attracts the attention of most of us.


How to get more followers on Spotify by sharing stuff?

So here are few tips by which you can increase your followers on Spotify

  • Build a connection of your Spotify with your other social media accounts:

Try to build a strong connection with your Spotify just like you remain connected to your website and other social media platforms to increase your Spotify followers. Put this link in your bio so it catches the attention of others within an instant. Don’t feel reluctant to post about the release of a single play or album. Post it and make yourself confident.

If you have used Facebook you must be familiar with the like widget of it, following the same pattern Spotify does have a follow widget.  You can add follow widget of Spotify on your website to boost your followers; try to fix it where most probably you have playlist plays.

Get more Spotify followers by social sharing; here is how to do it.
Get more Spotify followers by social sharing; here is how to do it.

  • Link your Spotify with your newsletter:

If you want to increase your Spotify followers then don’t forget to put your Spotify link on your newsletter of. And make sure to inform your social circle after releasing bombastic plays or albums.

  • Give rise to your playlist:

You can use your creative skills and generate a new playlist that involves songs of your favorite artists. Add the link of your playlist on a social media platform and don’t forget to tag the artists or bands whose plays are in your playlist. Try not to repeat even a single artist; this will give a novel look to your playlist.


When you tag the artists their followers will see your playlist, in this way they play your playlist might become your new followers. Everything thing is possible in this magical era.

  • Try to create a novel Spotify code:

In Spotify, the code it is just like Snapchat code. Followers can scan your Spotify code within an instant by their mobile.  You can use a merch booth for this purpose, set up a station over there with the help of it followers can scan the Spotify code.

You can also include your novel Spotify code on Posters, CD-covers etc.

  • Use incentives:

So you want to boost your Spotify followers no need to panic. Involve your followers by announcing handsome incentives. You will see an increase in following within a short time.

In a nutshell, you cannot increase your followers within a second but you can increase them by working hard consistently. Patience bears fruit.






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