If you are searching for the ways to lessen the ad costs which you’ve incurred on facebook, this is the best place for you to search out alternative ways to reduce the costs.

Using relevance scores

When you want to control the performance of your posted ads, you can use AdWords for this purpose and that basically acts as a high conversion in the present score results which were in a better ad position that could comparatively lower cost per click and if we take a look back to the year 2016, there was an analysis conducted by Jacob Baadsgaard which in true sense showed that the conversion in the quality score could have a drop up in the actual conversion with the rate of 13 percent.

Same to this, the relevance score of Facebook is also there which has the performance of the same function at a larger scale and according to the statistics of the year 2017, the statistics although was the same. So to have great scores in relevancy, the first thing which you would need to do is the creation of sales funnel at the facebook that is linked with top, middle and the bottom campaigns of the funnels and that is also the same inbounded with the playbook of marketing but has been applied differently towards the ad campaigns.

You need to make sure one thing that whatever the content you want to post should be based on quality materials and should be selected with great care so that there is nothing left for failure.

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Reach out for customer information

The business sites that have comparatively higher volume and the big brands are easy to create lookalikes which could be somehow from the past audience or from several customers and visitors. The boutiques which are smaller might not be having the exact luxuries. So in place of that, you can grab a list of emails of whatever clients you prefer would be having the better leads and then you can post it to your Facebook account.

After that create a list that would apparently be the lookalike that is a little based on the previous list and has more lookalikes so that there are more site visits and more engaging posts than before. That would surely be the reason for giving you more TOFU audience. Taking it a step ahead, next thing is to run Facebook ads in video forms and building up a view audience option in just a few cents for each view.

Split testing for ads

Facebook has launched its ad campaign which measures the performance and it would start sliding some weeks after which was due to fatigue and simple. It began to creep up for the frequency of the video ads and stopping it to cut through unusual noise. That specifically is true in a case if you are running a content that is evergreen in the campaigns which came over and over all the time.



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