Social media has now evolved and this evolution is so much that it has now become the connection device with the key features which enables the users so that they could now get in touch with their families and their friends for all times and there is also no barrier for the time zones there. This is really a good feature for everyone and it is like a medium which has got so much importance in being a communication tool for a lot of brands which have their online presence on social media platforms and not only this, this is how businesses would be able to utilize it for boosting up the connections they are having with their audience. Social media has now become the most used tool by the customers to have solutions for their queries.

Well there are clear statistics which shows that these statements are based on real facts and according to the statistics, there are about 63 percent of the consumers who are expecting it from the companies that they would start offering services by using the social media platforms while more than 90 percent of the users are those who have started using this medium as a way of doing of business and for the medium of communication.

In fact the statistics show that the social media channels are now considered to be the most used mediums by the users for making the dealings with troubles and issues where there are total 34.5 percent of the customers who now prefer using the social media channels for getting their customer service queries solved well on the contrary side, 24.7 percent of the people who on the daily basis like to engage themselves in live chats and the 19.4 percent and 16.1 percent which are left prefer being involved in emails and telephonic conversations respectively.

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If you are the one who now is not tapping for the customer care value over the social media platforms, then you are definitely missing it out. In order to help, you need to ensure that you have tried your well to maximize those given opportunities. While there is the list of practices for you to make it better for you in the New Year:

First of all, what you need is proper planning and for that, you being a business need to have a complete idea that where your customers might be because this needs targeting the customers and it could only be then when you know the exact location of your customers in order to target them correctly. The next for you in the phase of planning would be settling the tools up so that there could be efficient and quick connections.

Secondly, a system is needed for which there should be monitored streams and you need to be in search of the comments either they are negative or positive and respond to the customer queries as soon as you receive them.

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