Are you in the market for an online video recorder? First, you may want to know a little more about them and what they can do.

If you aren’t aware, the only way that you can save streaming media is by using an online video recorder. A good video record helps you to record high-quality video that gives you a number of YouTube likes from Actievig. Audio or video that is only exhibited and received continuously can’t be saved as individual files unless you have an online video recorder. Read on!

What to look for in an online video recorder?

Instead of having to revisit a website to view a video, you can use an online video recorder to save video files. The best types of video recorders will allow you to record a streaming video without any associated problems, which essentially means no file cuts, delays, or errors.

Most recorder software is compatible with any type of video files and extensions. So your online video recorders shouldn’t have any difficulties with the following video files: Windows Media, Real Video, Real Audio, Quick Time Videos, or Real Meal. Nor should it have problems with the subsequent file extensions: WMA, RV, RA, MOV, or .RM.

The beauty of an online video recorder is that they can accommodate your needs for just about everything. For example, if you have an internet connection that is slow, you can still get an excellent recording.

In addition, if you are in the process of recording a video, there is a feature that allows you to pause or restart while recording. If you need to take a break from recording, this feature allows you to have that option. Many online video recorders even allow you to record more than one video simultaneously.

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What does an online video recorder cost?

Online video recorders allow you to do many different things while recording a video. Prices vary due to the characteristics and capabilities of the recorder. Usually, you can look at spending anywhere from $25-$100 and up if you plan on purchasing one.

There are also free versions available to use online or download to your computer. TechSmith Corporation, the creators of the top-selling Camtasia program, launched the Jing Project as an online screen casting solution back in 2007. It is available to Windows and Mac users. You can use this software to capture a picture or video of your computer screen and then upload it to the web.

A URL is automatically created when you complete your online video recording and can be shared with others to view.

To spruce up your video projects you can use Jing’s image editing tools to add text, arrows, highlighted text or a rectangle to make notes on your screen capture. Of course, they also have paid versions that offer more features and longer video recording time.

As you might expect, most of the free versions will have some time and/or feature limitations. But when your trial is over, you can usually get a great deal on the full version of the software.

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