TikTok has been a popular social media app among teens and young adults for years. TikTok’s popularity increased when other apps, such as Musical.ly, began to lose favour. While still extremely popular, competitors have begun to rise again with the introduction of Instagram’s version of short-form video clips called Instagram Stories. To get more followers on Instagram please check out this website. This article doesn’t say what exactly this would be in reference to specifically but it’s likely going to compare or contrast Instagram vs. TikTok since they are both video-based social networks for millennials and teens and they both became popular around the same time. And when its need to sign on these social media platform, it’s recommended to use temp email to avoid spam and junk email.

Instagram is a photo-sharing application that has recently introduced a “stories” feature that functions very similarly to TikTok’s ‘video stories’. Instagram launched this new function in August 2018. This happened after TikTok, also known as Musical.ly, was the top downloaded iOS app among 12-17-year-olds for almost two years according to survey results published by eMarketer.

Although they are both social media apps for millennials and young adults, there are still some fundamental differences between them. Instagram, for example, is primarily photo-based while TikTok is video-based.

This section provides specific information about the ways in which Instagram and TikTok are similar (both are social media apps) and different (TikTok is video-based while Instagram is photo-based). It also reiterates that both of them made revenue off of young adults’ usage.

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This adage isn’t entirely true as – although they have a similar “video stories” feature – they serve very different purposes. TikTok serves as a way to share short videos with friends and family whereas Instagram serves as a platform for self-expression through photography. This is an important distinction to make because if someone were already loyal to one brand or the other they wouldn’t be inclined to switch.

TikTok’s features are very different from Instagram’s, which means that users who already have an account for one app may not necessarily feel inclined to make a new account on TikTok or vice versa in order to try out their competitor’s version of stories.

TikTok Followers Vs. Instagram Followers

TikTok Followers Vs. Instagram Followers

Now we will compare the ways in which different social media apps are gaining users. This may be through how much users interact with ads, what demographic is being targeted in these advertisements, how much revenue the companies are making etc.

Instagram has won this battle by a very large margin. By January of 2018, Instagram boasted over 800 million monthly active users compared to TikTok’s 500 million.

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Here we have made a direct comparison between the number of Instagram and TikTok monthly active users with Instagram coming out ahead by almost 300 million. It also points out that Instagram has been around for much longer than TikTok, which is why it currently boasts more monthly active users. Another important thing is to comment on both social networks. Instagram has got more comments but people still gain TikTok comments to boost profiles for marketing. Here is a list of top website to buy followers.

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Famous Celebrities on TikTok

Famous Celebrities on TikTok

This section will give examples of famous celebrities who are using or have used TikTok. This list may include athletes, musicians, actors, etc. It can also point out how much social media exposure they are getting on the app/how large their following is compared to other apps.

Some examples of influencers that have made an impact on TikTok are the Kardashians, DJ Khaled, Jordyn Woods, Chris Brown, and Lil Nas X.

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