Everyone around the globe is familiar with the application YouTube. YouTube is basically the most successful application of todays time. With billions of social media followers. YouTube is that one place where everyone can find their favourite stuff. Their favourite music, favourite artists, favourite TV programs, movies and much more.

Good stuff now a days one can find on YouTube is bloggers exploring the world or for girls those bloggers who are exploring new things in the world of makeup. In short, you have everything on it. And sometimes everything can be hazardous for children. That’s why YouTube provided a special thing parenting hold. With which parents can monitor what their child would see when he will open YouTube and what should not come to it.

Which is basically proven pretty good for parents and children. But the fact that people have earned fame and money through this platform as well. Either by gaining followers by their hard work or by buying YouTube views. Here we will let you know about the top 10 best European accounts with most numbers of followers.


The channel of a young guy has 108 million of people following his channel. Which make this channel on top of the list. The content he post is about memes, gaming and news. Which attracts every kind of people out there.


A well known Indian YouTube channel has ranked its place on top 2 with 162 million followers. The channel shares all the latest details about upcoming Indian films and songs.

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Justin Bieber:

Well, the Bieber boy got his place number 3 with a 41 million followers. The channel has always been people’s favourite although there’s no uploads in recent year but people still love to stick around with it.

Canal KondZilla:

The singer has about million followers on his YouTube channel. The young singer has uploaded hundreds of his songs on his channel.


The comedian Youtuber has 34 million subscribers. He is a comedian and post about funny things.

Dude Perfect:

The young Youtuber, has 34 million subscribers and made his place on top 6 of the YouTube list. The channel is run by 5 people who post about new and different things about sports.

Ed Sheeran:

The British singer Ed has sung so many beautiful songs which made people to stick to him. Ed Sheeran YouTube channel has about 34 million of subscribers.


From kids to young adults everyone is a fan of wrestling. And WWE has everyone’s part of life. The channel keep on uploading new wrestling videos.


He is a Brazilian singer and comedian with about 31 million YouTube followers. He’s been posting videos from a couple of years.

Katy Perry:

At the end of list of top 10 we got Katy Perry. A beautiful singer with a 30 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Katy uploads her new songs, behind the scenes and all the live performances she did for her  fans to watch and enjoy.

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