After the second wave of COVID-19, the dentists’ biggest problem is to regulate the hygiene measure to protect themselves and upcoming patients from getting infected. After the havoc casualties and lockdown extensive challenges are waiting for students and dentists’ offices.

Pandemic is still going on with some worst effects but people can obviously not compromise on their health and oral hygiene. They definitely have to visit a dentist and go through some dental procedures. Dentistry involves the use of syringes, dental tools, and surgical instruments. The instruments can create sprays of water, liquids, and fluids that may contain microorganisms and might be a source of Coronavirus. So, unique and technical training and procedures the dentists should follow in COVID-19 second wave to maintain.

Even after all these infection threats, dentists can opt for the following hygiene procedures to cope with the second wave of Coronavirus.

Hygiene Procedures To Follow in Covid-19 Second Wave

Arrangement of Telephone Triage

Arrangement of Telephone Triage at dentist during Covid-19

Dentists can focus on arranging telephone triage with dental patients who don’t need emergency treatment. They decide whether the patient is ready for an average regular check-up or in severe dental condition. The decision depends on the patient’s dental health; the dentist recommends the medicines with doses to be used at home.

Waiting Room Instructions( strictly abide by)

Waiting Room Instructions at dentist during Covid-19

Dentists should affix the SOPs guidelines for the patients and the people in the waiting room. That must ensure the social distancing of at least 6 feet. All the patients with already respiratory problems must use sanitizers, facemasks and follow the strict preventive dental procedures during the 2nd wave of COVID-19.

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Avoid multiple appointments at a time and make sure the patient visits in different slots. Forbid the patients to come up with family or companions except where patients need care during the appointment.

Implementation OF Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Implementation OF Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during Covid-19

Wear an N-95 mask, eyeglasses, and highly protective pieces of equipment in the office. Use a highly sensitive respirator during an emergency dental procedure in COVID-19 2nd wave. Creating temporary inventory with all protective equipment is compulsory, and make sure all these items must be in stock.

The Process to Cover the COVID-19 Patients

If the patient is confirmed with COVID-19 or a suspected case, the following are the following guidelines.

Compel the patient to wear a mask and cover his nose and mouth. If the patient says he didn’t get the symptoms, advise him to go back home and call a dentist. But in the emergency case of a COVID-19 patient, these must ensure airborne protective instructions. The dental procedure must be conducted at the hospital with special care and management.

Hygiene Procedures for a Dentist to Follow for Non-COVID-19 Patients

Hygiene Procedures To Follow in Covid-19 Second Wave

The dentist must adopt standard preventive procedures like hand sanitizing, mask-wearing made compulsory, and other necessary measures.  Wear a surgical mask and protect eyes to come in contact with any fluid or water spray.  To avoid splashes, cover the mouth with proper prevention. During emergency cases, one must use surgical masks once and only for one patient.

If the worn mask becomes rough and faces difficulty breathing, discard that mask and replace it with a new one. Arrangement of all these equipment and adopting all these procedures must be recommended.

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